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Welcome to NKPR’s the N-LIST – your passport to an exclusive real estate community tailored for our esteemed agents, brokers, and investor friends​. Prepare to eN-LIST and unlock a world of insider access, granting you privileged entry to a diverse array of events, launches, philanthropic initiatives, VIP offerings, giveaways, and more!​ From restaurant openings to VIP dinners, immerse yourself in the luxury of NKPR’s ever-expanding portfolio of national and global lifestyle brands.

Welcome to NKPR’s the N-List: an exclusive community for real estate brokers, agents, and investors in Toronto & the GTA

For those of you new to our site and this community, NKPR’s mission is to continuously serve as a global leader in public relations, communications, brand identity, and social media​—​and leverage our industry insights to provide value to our partners and affiliates. We work with many of the most prestigious real estate developers, builders, industry and tech leaders, and home designers in Toronto and the GTA​. The N-LIST serves as a unique opportunity to unite these key stakeholders, offering an exclusive insider’s perspective on the vibrant occurrences within our remarkable city.

We have been honoured to work with developers, designers, and industry insiders who are at the top of their game, creating awareness and momentum for their world-class projects and innovative approaches to business, from the arts and philanthropy-driven Lifetime Developments and Madison Group to industry trailblazers like Lanterra Developments and Freed Developments. Many of the developers we work with are finding unique pockets in the city of Toronto with incredible investment opportunity, such as recent launches from EllisDon Developments and The Gupta Group. Meanwhile, other developers like Krpan Group are leading development in growing regions outside of the city.

Embark on a journey with the N-LIST, where the ever-evolving realms of real estate and design converge seamlessly with the vibrant heartbeat of our city. In a landscape marked by change, our commitment to adapting and fortifying this thriving industry remains unwavering. As we cultivate this community, our aim is to uniquely intertwine the essence of what you do in real estate with the pulsating happenings of Toronto. Realize the potential to not only stay informed but also to foster meaningful connections.